Decompression Therapy


Decompression Therapy is a treatment that utilizes traction on the lower back or cervical (neck) spinal areas to relieve pressure on the joints and discs. Normally these areas of the spine are subjected to sudden or gradual pressure that cause discs to compress and aggravate and irritate exiting nerve roots from the spine. The result is usually intense pain in the region and radiating through into the extremities. There is also usually accompanying numbness and weakness in that area that the nerve effects.

In the past the usual treatments would be strong pain medications and then surgery. But with the advent of Decompression Therapy these injuries can be treated effectively and noninvasively. The decompression is gentle and relieves the pressures on the discs by a light traction force that is targeted to the specific spinal area and eases the pressure gradually. A person can begin to experience relief immediately and a treatment program is designed to relieve the disc pressure for good. Then proper exercises keep the problem from returning.

If you are experiencing pain and dysfunction from spinal disc bulging or herniation you should explore the benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy.

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