Lower Back Pain

At Alluvium Chiropractic & Wellness Center, located in Voorhees, NJ, Dr. William B Nicoletto Jr. sees many different symptoms come into his practice, but the main one he sees is lower back pain. If you are experiencing lower back pain that is sharp, burning, dull, or achy, it’s time to come in for a visit. Dr. Nicoletto offers a variety of treatments that suit the particular needs of the patient. He will identify the problem that is going on and treat the cause of your pain.

The most common causes of lower back pain include pulled, strained, or torn muscles and ligaments. Lower back pain also most commonly radiates through the buttocks and legs. If you’re an athlete or gym buff, you’re probably aware that these things can happen when you warm up with stretches. Sometimes you can stretch too far, have poor posture, or engage in lifting that is too heavy. What will result is either constant or shifting pain. Relief can sometimes be found when lying down or standing. However, some patients have difficulty standing or even walking to begin with. So when you are unsure what to do at that point, consider booking an appointment with Dr. Nicoletto.

At your appointment with your trusted Voorhees, NJ, chiropractor, he will ask about the type of pain you are experiencing as well as the severity. Dr. Nicoletto may also request information about the activity you were engaging in when you first started experiencing your pain and symptoms. Your answer will help determine the source or cause of your pain. In certain cases, imaging technology like x-rays and CT scan may be used to discover more about a patient’s problem.

Treatment will depend entirely on you and your symptoms. In some cases, rest and cold/hot therapy might be the course of action. Specialized exercises are another form of treatment. For some patients, the best course of action is massage therapy or chiropractic adjustments. Don’t wait until you’ve been dealing with your pain for too long. Contact Alluvium Chiropractic & Wellness Center today and we will get you started on a treatment plan. You don’t have to live your life out in pain, Dr. Nicoletto will not only help you find relief but reverse your problem so that you no longer have to experience it again!

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