• "A buddy told me about Dr. Nicoletto. I had total body discomfort, mostly back problems. After setting up on-going weekly office visits, I have been on the road to healthy living again. Outstanding results. Thank you."
  • "I went to Dr. Nicoletto with pain from my head to toes. That is the absolute truth. The pain was in my head, neck, chest, back and feet. I could not lift my left arm above my shoulder. I was in pain for over eight years. During that time I had two operations and many physical therapy treatments. I was told I would have to live with the pain."
  • "When I went to Dr. Nicoletto I was taking 40 mg. of oxycontin twice a day also 10 mg. of percocet 4-6 times a day. After treatment with Dr. Nicoletto, I do not take any medication. I am 95% PAIN FREE! I still have some pain in my feet, but I am sure Dr. Nicoletto will correct it. I recommend Dr. Nicoletto to the fullest."
    G.B. Berlin
  • "I came to Dr. Nicoletto in a great deal of pain due to spinal stenosis. Walking was difficult. I have been seeing Dr. Nicoletto for about 2 months and there is a radical lessening of pain in my leg and hopefully I will be without pain in my future."
    C.S. Marlton
  • "Our Little girl Stacy was three months old. She did not sleep well at night and was unable to rest more that two hours at a time. We were at our witts end and then Dr. Bill came into our lives. Stacy had her first adjustment at three months and the very next night she slept ALL NIGHT! We have found her to be more content and extremely comfortable at night. She now visits Dr. Bill's office twice a month. We thank Dr. Bill for everything and highly recommend him to our friends."
    K & K Voorhees
  • "I have suffered for the last couple of years with headaches. At first I was worried, because at times they were so bad they would wake me out of sleep. My medical doctor had ruled anything serious out. But still the headaches came. They began to effect my everyday life. My husband had been seeing Dr. Nicoletto and one night when I was in a lot of pain, he insisted I go with him. Dr. Nicoletto was so kind and understanding. After the first adjustment, as God is my witness, my headache was gone. Not only are the headaches gone, but I have more energy than I have had in a long time! Thank you so much!"
    J.T Atco

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